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2023 International Conference on Algorithmic Recommendation and Law

Algorithms are increasingly ingrained in our digital economy and digital lives. Concurrently, substantial concern exists over issues such as algorithmic prejudice, big data-enabled pricing discrimination against existing clients, and significant sources of addiction. As a result, China has passed a new regulation to improve algorithmic recommendations, deep fakes, and other applications that set design standards for recommendation algorithms. The rule’s objective is to modernize the systemic governance of algorithms and cyberspace by making it simpler to trace the roots of inappropriate algorithmic behavior, facilitate algorithmic monitoring implementation, and implement effective algorithmic regulation. The conference will focus on the designs of algorithmic recommendations, the studies on ethical technology, and the implementation of how the law systematically grants users the right to choose, the right to know, and the right to obtain clarification and remedy actions throughout the entire operation cycle of algorithmic recommendation systems, allowing individuals to counter algorithmic control through digital rights in legal mechanisms.