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2023 International Conference on Algorithms and Law

Scholars, stakeholders, and policymakers debate the sufficiency of existing mechanisms guiding algorithmic decision-making and wrestle with new challenges posed by the expansion of algorithmic power concerning transparency, justice, and equal treatment. Algorithms increasingly influence media, economic possibilities, and educational paths. Since we held the 2023 International Conference on Algorithms and Law on March 22, 2023, the importance and issues around algorithmic decision-making have intensified. This event builds on that discussion by examining the legal, policy, and ethical concerns associated with algorithmic power, as well as the influence of algorithms on society and the law.

The organizers welcome submissions of technical, conceptual, and empirical papers in any field of law analyzing the use of algorithms, machine learning, automation, and other artificial intelligence tools and methods in the legal domain and discussing their societal impact.


  • Social trust in AI-driven legal systems
  • B2G data sharing and data philanthropy
  • AI, democracy, development, and the rule of law
  • LegalTech for law firms and corporations
  • Legal data mining
  • Algorithmic decisions systems
  • Automation in law
  • Machine learning applied to legal tasks
  • Visualization and legal design
  • Responsible AI in law
  • Accountability and ethics of AI
  • Computational law
  • Liability of autonomous machines
  • Technology standards
  • Blockchain and smart contracts
  • AI methods as empirical research methods
  • Discrimination-related implications of algorithms and AI
  • Bias and stereotypical thinking in algorithms and AI
  • Discriminatory decision-making and machine learning
  • Algorithmic law and the transformation of legal education
  • Algorithmic law and the change in the legal profession